INVANI CC London Group Rides

See below for summary information related to rides coordinated by INVANI Cycling Clothing LTD.  Please note that joining a ride does not provide you with any insurance policy.

The aim of the rides is for everyone to enjoy themselves, achieve some training benefit and most importantly to stay safe.  The below guidelines are intended to help keep everyone safe and to have a clear expectation of the ride etiquette.  

Please pay extra attention when riding in a group, whether you are experienced at it or not.  The priority areas to focus on are (1) do not overlap wheels with anyone else, either be at their side or clearly in front/behind them (2) stop at traffic lights and slow and stop as necessary at junctions and roundabouts (3) use hand signals to clearly indicate a change in direction or to point out a pothole or other hazard (4) where roads allow it is ok to ride in parallel but be prepared to switch to single file to allow cars to pass. 

The rides are intended to be "no-drop", however please join rides that you expect to be able to keep up with and in any case always be prepared to make it home yourself if that becomes necessary.  The group will stop and wait for anyone suffering a puncture or mechanical.  If agreed amongst the group some riders may then continue on.  As a rule we would expect the faster riders up any significant climb to wait at the top to allow for regrouping.

To the extent that numbers increase then we will look at splitting the groups so that each is of a manageable size.

Ride Organisation

If you would like to be kept up to date with upcoming Group Rides then please email with your name and mobile number.  Interested riders will then be added to a WhatsApp group.  If you have any friends that you think may also want to join then please ask them to get in touch in the same way. 

- if you decide you are no longer interested then naturally you are free to leave the chat

- if you expect to join the ride please confirm on the chat so that numbers can be managed

- when responding to the group please signoff with your name to make it easier for everyone to get to know each other

- routes may be provided on the chat but this may not always be the case 

Meeting Points

Unless otherwise agreed we will keep it simple and have only 2 possible meeting points.  Please try and arrive with a minute or two to spare before the agreed departure time. 

1) "Roehampton Gate":  just inside and to the left side of the gate at the end of Priory Lane as you enter Richmond Park 

2) "Kingston Bridge": the area of pavement at the west end of the bridge (so not the Kingston end of the bridge) but before you go around the corner and reach the zebra crossing and the Old Kings Head pub. 

We will also look to organise virtual Group Rides through the colder months.

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