Womens Arm Warmers: Grey / Teal

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Arm Warmers provide a lot of versatility across riding conditions, and with two reversible sides ours also allow you to either match or contrast your jersey. Luxurious Italian fabric offers stretch, warmth and is treated with a water repellent to protect you from light showers and road spray. The top of the arm features a specially commissioned Italian elastic with silicone on both sides to securely hold the warmer in place. The sleeve edges are cut to a raw edge to provide unbeatable comfort and the warmers fold down to easily fit within a jersey pocket.

  • - 83% Polyester, 17% Elastane
  • - Standard washing instructions
  • - Made in EU
  • - Free delivery within Europe, UK & Worldwide over £150 equiv.
  • - Patent Pending and Registered Design


    "It’s a great product, from a young, independent British brand, at a reasonable price."

    "They cover the arm, gripping stickily up above the bicep, and they stay there. The razor-sharp lines at the wrist make a nice finish."


    Size Guide

    All our garments are produced from fabrics which stretch to fit you and are sized to be sleek without being overly constraining. If you would prefer a larger size than the below the Men's "Large" is one size up from the Women's "Large". If you are unsure on sizing please email us at info@invani.cc


    Length: 43.5cm / 17.1 inches

    Bicep Circumference: <23cm / <9.1 inches


    Length: 44.5cm / 17.5 inches

    Bicep Circumference: 23-27cm / 9.1-10.6 inches


    Length: 45.5cm / 17.9 inches

    Bicep Circumference: >27cm / >10.6 inches