Bikepacking: The Overnighter

After what feels like a lifetime of lockdowns it is surprising how a simple out and back overnight bike trip can feel like an adventure.  Staying in a hotel and never being too far from civilisation means that there isn't a requirement to carry too much, so the bike doesn't even need to feel too different to your normal rides.

Hopefully the below can provide some useful tips if you're heading out for a mini adventure on your bike.  This trip was planned with the intention to travel light but with enough to still be comfortable and to go to the pub in the evening in something other than bike kit. 

What to take and where to put it on the bike:

- Kit wise the luxury item was a spare pair of shorts so as to not worry about washing and fully drying them overnight. 

- A spare sleeveless base layer meant that it felt perfectly comfortable and hygienic to simply reverse the well aired Jersey to give a different look on the second day. 

- SPD pedals and mountain bike style shoes mean that you can pretty easily use those shoes for the evening off the bike as well (check out the Fizik Terra Ergolace as an example).  Without that solution, then even carrying a pair of flip flops creates more bike luggage.

- If you have the extra bosses then a water bottle (in this case down by the bottom bracket) with additional puncture repair or tools can be a boon.

- Overnight items in the frame bag as they're harder to get to during the ride (shorts, t-shirt, spare socks and underwear, toiletries, charging cables). 

- Carrying the above items on the bike means that your Jersey pockets are not over-filled and can easily be used for nutrition and valuables.

Final tip:  when planning your route it's easy to get carried away and go for an extreme distance and climbing, but be sensible compared to your usual mileage if you want to enjoy rather than suffer through the two days!

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