Road Theory reviews INVANI Sleeved Base Layer

Thanks to Road Theory for testing and reviewing our Base Layer!

1st March 2021

British cycling brand Invani might be unique. Their ‘thing’ is reversible cycling kit. Not kit that has a right side and an inside-out side that sort of works if you’re feeling a bit kooky, but genuinely reversible. Designed so well that whichever way you choose is sharp and functional.

Collars, cuffs, zips, pockets: every detail is ambidextrous (that’s the correct word…right?). Two colour schemes for the price of one.

Check out my review last year of the long sleeved jersey.

The base layer that flopped through my letterbox recently promised more of the same.

Wispy thin, stretchy, and clingy, my first thought on slipping it one was how damn comfortable it is. Just lovely. Nicely cut, with razor sharp cuffs and collar, and totally unrestrictive.

And it looks good. Not the most important factor when buying a base layer, but it does. If you’re the type to parade around the mid-ride café stripped down to the base then I’m not gonna judge. That doesn’t mean I approve. We probably can’t be friends but I might grudgingly admire the cut of your jib (aka base layer).

But of course a base layer has to work. Really work. Or what’s the point? We know the form is good but what about the function? Would it do its job? I headed out for a ride to answer this final, crucial question.

It’s made from a polyester/elastane mix and I needed to find out on the road whether this can wick sweat. Simple as.

A hundred and fifty-odd miles later in early spring conditions and I have an answer. My torso is not wet to the touch. The base layer is not damp and clammy. Sweat has definitely been wicked and has presumably then evaporated.  

Job done.

My recommendation of this Invani base layer is based on its silky soft comfort and the fact that it works. It might not be the answer on a frozen winter ride or a sun-baked spin in high summer – though I haven’t tried it on either – but there’s an awful lot of weather in-between those two extremes.

This is a quality piece of technical kit.

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