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Dan Cavallari, November 2019

Invani Men’s Long Sleeve Reversible Jersey


MSRP: $112     Size: Medium

Invani’s Long Sleeve Reversible Jersey is two jerseys for the price of one — just flip it inside out and you’ve got a second color to complement your wardrobe of the day — but that’s not even the cool part. The Italian fabrics, raw cut sleeves, ventilating side panels, and a complimentary essentials case (perfect for your phone and credit cards) add up to a sleek, race cut jersey ready for any ride.


Basics: Reversible; winter weight; long sleeve; includes phone pouch

Pros: Two colors in one; included essentials pouch; great fit

Cons: None so far

I had ridden the Invani long sleeve jersey a few times before my trip to Bentonville, Arkansas to ride the Big Sugar NWA Gravel course, but it was that ride that truly tested the fit and capability of the jersey. That’s because it poured rain the entire time, and temperatures never rose above the mid 40s (it was in the low to mid 30s at the start of the ride). This was the type of rain that infiltrated every layer within minutes, right down to your bones. Few garments are truly waterproof in that kind of rain.

That said, Invani wasn’t out to make a waterproof jersey here. The Long Sleeve Reversible Jersey is all about comfort, fit, and warmth on cool to cold days. In that sense, I found nothing to complain about.

Invani’s fit

If you size down, you can achieve that race-cut fit you’d be used to on the racecourse. But if that’s not your style, buy the size you’d normally wear. It’s snug, but not so snug you’ll feel strangled. Invani’s jersey fits tightly enough to eliminate flapping, but your motions won’t be constricted and you won’t feel as though you’re about to grace the world with the bottom of your belly every time you sit up straight.

While the sleeves ran a bit long for me, they’re a fairly typical length, so there won’t be any surprises here. (I have fairly short arms, despite my long torso. Ya know, like a T-rex.) The drop tail lays comfortably against your backside and sits right where it should when you’re in the most aggressive position on your bike.


Invani does an admirable finishing job on the reversible jersey, especially given the price: It’s far less expensive than comparable jerseys. Invani sells direct, which helps reduce costs, yet it doesn’t skimp on materials. The jersey is made with Italian fabrics in the EU, and Invani’s jersey is soft against your skin throughout the garment.

More importantly, the details seem well thought out here. The raw-cut cuffs, for example, feel minimalist at your wrists. Like I mentioned, the sleeves ran long for me, yet the cuffs never felt bulky even when bunched up slightly. A high collar protected the back of my neck during Arkansas downpours, and the drop tail laid perfectly against the back of my waist, as I mentioned.

The seams lay flat throughout, which means you won’t even notice them. Invani’s jersey has pockets on both sides of the garment so you have storage no matter what side of the reversible equation you land on. I was worried at first that having pockets inside the jersey would cause rubbing or discomfort, but that wasn’t the case. I never noticed them.

The zipper is reversible too, and it uses large teeth to make zipping and unzipping a breeze. You may not like this if you’re into race garments that opt for light, small zippers that hide from the wind, but I was happy to have it during the cold hours at Big Sugar. My cold fingers could grasp the zipper pull easily, and pull it up as far as it would go with no trouble at all.

As the day wore on at Big Sugar, my clothes were soaked through and I was definitely cold. But I was certainly happy to have Invani’s long sleeve jersey; it kept me warm as long as it could, and even when it was soaking wet it was comfortable.

Invani’s color goals

My sample jersey from Invani is blue on one side and black on the other. These are pretty safe colors and will work with just about anything in my cycling wardrobe. In terms of style, the Invani jersey is perhaps more tame than I’d prefer, but again, it’s safe and works across my wardrobe, so it’s actually quite a good value here.

Invani also claims that making the jersey reversible helps cut down on waste. You’re essentially getting two jerseys in one, which, hypothetically, means that’s one less jersey you’ll need to buy. So it’s potentially good for the environment. Is that a true claim? It makes sense on paper, but I wouldn’t read too much into that.

Of course, Invani also uses compostable and biodegradable packaging, so it’s clear the company has an eye on eco-friendliness. That’s a solid side bonus.

You can order Invani’s clothing right from its website and it will ship directly to you. Shipping is free globally — another nice perk. There’s a three month warranty on Invani products too, and a reasonable return policy for non-warranty issues.

With a comfortable fit and high-end materials at a reasonable price, there’s plenty of reason to invest in Invani’s reversible jerseys. And the company offers other reversible garments like arm warmers and baselayers to complement the long sleeve jersey. If you’re out to maximize space in your closet without minimizing style choices, Invani’s got you covered. And better than that, they’ve got you covered at a decent price.

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