Velonews reviews INVANI Short Sleeve Jersey

Invani Men’s Short Sleeve reversible jersey review

Invani's reversible jersey offers two colors in a single jersey. But more importantly, it's a comfortable jersey with smart details.

August 25, 2020

Dan Cavallari

Photos: Hannah DeWitt 

Review Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★/5

Basics:  Raw-cut sleeves; reversible to offer two different colors; pockets on both sides; Italian-made fabrics

Pros:  Two color options in a single jersey; pockets on both sides; large zipper is easy to use

Cons:  hem around waist is a bit too generous; a bit too warm on hot summer days

Size reviewed: Medium  /  Price: $100  /  Brand: INVANI

Invani’s jerseys have something of a schtick: They’re reversible. I say it’s a schtick because it’s all too easy to take the cynical route and see this as a silly selling point. Two jerseys in one? Not exactly. But Invani’s Short Sleeve Jersey is a prime example of how Invani has turned the schtick into something well worth your money: a well-designed jersey that’s comfortable without being flappy, and a few smart design choices to make the reversible feature actually worth getting excited about.

Invani’s construction

Invani says the jersey is made from Italian fabrics. Said fabrics certainly feel nice against the skin, and the reversible jersey feels like a high-end, well-constructed piece. The sleeves extend almost down to the crook of the elbow, which is the style these days, and the edges are raw-cut so the material transitions nicely, without pinching or rubbing in any way.

One jersey, two colors. 

The zipper is a cue that Invani’s jersey is made for normal people: It’s larger than most zippers you find on race-oriented jerseys, and that’s a boon for us normals who actually want a zipper that’s easy to move while riding. Yes, it adds some weight to the jersey, but honestly, the added gram or two is worth the tradeoff for a usable zipper.

Invani cleverly adds pockets to both sides of the jersey — that is, regardless of what color you decide on, you’ll have pockets. That of course means you’ll also have pockets on the inside of the jersey. I thought that would bother me, since the extra material has the potential to rub uncomfortably. But that never came to pass. The only difference the doubled-up pockets make is that there’s a bit more “looseness” around the waist of the jersey. More on that in a moment.


The raw-cut sleeves lay flat comfortably. The sleeves extend far down the biceps, almost to the crook of the elbow, which is trendy these days.

Riding Invani’s reversible jersey

I spent most of my time in the Invani reversible jersey on the burgundy side, and that was largely a personal choice. The red side also looks sharp, especially when paired with dark blue bibs. The burgundy side seemed to look great with black bibs.

Most of my rides with the reversible jersey took place during the hot Colorado summer — temperatures ranged mostly from the mid-80s to the high-90s. Invani’s jersey is perhaps a bit too thick to be considered an ideal choice for the higher numbers on that scale, but it was perfectly fine for the mid-80s and I suspect it would be just about perfect anywhere in the 70s.

I would describe the jersey’s fit as a relaxed race cut; it’s snug throughout most of the jersey, though the waist is perhaps a bit too generous — perhaps to help accommodate space for the pockets on either side of the jersey — which leads to something of a looser fit around the belly. It wasn’t a perfect fit for me, but if you like the race-cut look but also want a bit of forgiveness around the mid-section, this jersey might just be perfect for you.


For $100, Invani’s reversible jersey is a good investment; having two colors in one jersey is certainly a nice perk, but the jersey’s materials and construction really make it worth your money. The race cut offers a bit of extra real estate in the midsection, so it’s a comfortable fit for everyday riders. And the easy to use zipper makes it easy to adjust the zipper on the fly. It’s a good choice if you’re after versatility and a good fit; just be aware it is on the warm side and might not be ideal for the hottest rides.


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