Q: How do INVANI reversible garments vary from standard single-sided versions?

A: Every feature of the garments has been re-designed from the ground up to ensure that they look and perform just like any other piece of premium cycling apparel. 

Every item is made from a single layer of premium quality Italian fabric and it is practically impossible to tell that you are wearing a reversible garment.

- The base layers, arm warmers and knee warmers are similar to standard garments and feature flatlock seams to ensure both sides are attractive. 

- The zipped tops feature a reversible zip and in the case of the short and long-sleeve jerseys they have pockets on both sides.  Feedback shows that these extra pockets cannot be felt when the garment is worn and they add only a few grams in weight.


Q: Are there are specific care instructions for INVANI garments?

A: Not at all.  You should wash INVANI garments exactly as you would most other sportswear.  In summary you should use a cold wash, then let garments air dry rather than tumble drying.  Again as standard for such items zips should be closed where applicable.  Care instructions labels can be found inside Jersey pockets, inside the pocket opening of the Gilet and at the hidden edges of the base layers and warmers.  


Q: Given the two choices of colours the prices look attractive, what’s the catch?

A: We believe that the pricing is attractive and we have started with as low prices as we can as we want as many people to try and enjoy wearing our innovative garments.  We use the finest Italian fabrics, top quality accessories and a well regarded European manufacturer so the products themselves are of very high quality and are relatively expensive to produce.  The main reasons we are offering attractive prices are (a) we want our products to be accessible to as many cyclists as possible (b) we do not spend a fortune on advertising (c) at the current time we only sell direct which eliminates the need for distributor and retailer margins


Q: How would you position the range?

A: In our view the garments are very high quality and comfortable to wear no matter what type of riding you want to do.  We have not constructed the pieces to be extremely tight-fitting/race fit but depending on your build you can achieve closer to this if you size down for a more snug fit.  Of course as well as your normal rides, the two colour choices make the garments especially versatile for cycling holidays or multi-day rides.


Q: Are there any other benefits from the reversible nature of the garments?

A: We believe that production of a single garment compared to two garments of different colours has significant environmental benefits in that there is effectively a halving of: 

1) the raw materials, water and energy needed to produce the fabric;   

2) the transportation of materials and finished goods; and  

3) Residual waste at the end of the garments life.  

INVANI is also committed to minimising our environment impact.  To that end we request all products sent to use are packaged in as little plastic as possible.  We also despatch our products in compostable and biodegradable packaging. 

Additionally INVANI garments make ideal gifts as the recipient has two colour choices to meet their tastes.

Finally, having the choice of two colours from one garment gives you a more streamlined and tidy wardrobe!

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