Shipping from UK to EU post Brexit (its positive news)

Some of our most loyal customers have been from EU countries and we have always wanted to continue to expand and serve as many customers in these countries as possible.  The last minute agreement of the Brexit situation at the end of 2020 meant that there was not 100% clarity around the situation for shipping from the UK to the EU in early 2021. However,  unlike other brands which have suspended such sales, we have been delighted to continue to fulfil all orders from EU customers.

Happily, with the arrangements that we put in place we have found that deliveries are arriving in good time (typically around 5 working days) and without any taxes or duties to be paid by you the customer. 

With this in mind we continue to be confident to continue to sell to EU customers with the expectation that you should still receive an excellent purchasing experience and we also believe that you can be confident of this.  To the extent that your EU delivery order does become subject to additional duties or taxes to be paid by you then send us a photo of that request and we will refund you* so that you are not worse off compared to the initial purchase price.

Should the regulations or situation changes then we will revisit this policy and update this information. 


* We will process the refund promptly (probably same day) but please note it will take a few days for the funds to return.   

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