Pack like a Pro!

With lots of riders lucky enough to be flying off on Spring cycling trips we thought it might be useful to include a short guide with some tips on what to pack to travel light. 

Our reversible clothing is super useful for such trips as it allows you to pack really light but still have a choice of colours when you arrive.  In terms of saving both cost and precious time it’s a real advantage to be able to travel with just hand luggage if you are renting bikes.

Packing for a hand luggage only trip

  • 2 pairs of shorts. With an afternoon ride on day 1 its better to have a second pair in case the first pair isn’t cleaned and dry from day 1
  • 2 Base Layers, 1 short sleeved and 1 sleeveless. Allows for versatile layering if needed and may also allow you to get away with not washing your jersey after day 1
  • 1 Short Sleeve Jersey. Quick drying to wash after each day while affording 2 different looks. 
  • Arm and Knee Warmers. Weather dependent but adds a lot of versatility for not a lot of luggage space
  • Windproof Gilet. Again, creates a lot of layering options for minimal bag space
  • Socks, 3 pairs for 3+ days, can also cover off-the-bike wear
  • Bar bag. Useful for long days in the saddle where you may want to carry more in terms of puncture repair, layers to come off as the weather changes and also nutrition.  Bag can also be used to store clothes during travel
  • Other things to take
    • Consider a compression bag to help pack items down into a small volume
    • Helmet
    • Shoes (fill with socks etc)
    • Water bottles (fill with bars etc)
    • Bike computer and mount
    • Heart rate strap
    • Nutrition
    • Wash bag. You can pack a small amount of chamois cream in a ziplock bag to travel light

Other things to remember, not shown

  • Sunglasses
  • Charger and adaptor as necessary
  • Pedals if necessary
  • Off bike clothing (much of which can be worn to travel)

Wherever you’re heading and with however much luggage have a great trip!!

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