About INVANI – Approach & Philosophy

Many start-ups claim that they “couldn’t find what they were looking for in the market so they decided to make it themselves”.  For us the inspiration was a little different.  There are good quality cycling clothing options out there, but that they are expensive and so people are limited from having a selection of high-quality items in different colours.    

Once we had targeted the new concept of reversible cyclewear, we set ourselves the goal that our products should help customers by offering superb value for money.  We do this by producing top quality products, made from premium materials and offering two colour choices in one garment.  Even disregarding the two colours in one, for comparable quality products our prices are already more accessible than other competitors. 

We only sell directly, eliminating heavy distributor and retailer margins and allowing us to offer attractive prices to you the customer.  The other key advantage to us of this strategy is that we are in direct contact with our customers and potential customers, which allows us to learn what people are looking for and to be more immersed in the community.  We also try and be as responsive as possible to customer questions and generally reply within minutes rather than hours – any questions please fire them in to info@invani.cc

We use industry experts where necessary, but to help offer great value for money products we also try and manage as many of the business processes in-house.  This centralised approach also means that we can make the most of customer feedback and maximise clarity on what we offer.  We’ve observed that some brands appear very remote from their marketing once it has been passed around between brand / distributor / retailer / marketing agency, to the extent that sometimes product descriptions may not even relate to the products pictured!

To touch on how we think about designing and marketing our products, having a differentiated product offering (through the unique reversible designs) means that we do not need to make questionable marketing claims, so we like to tell it as it is.  Nor do we feel the need to over-complicate our products, just in an effort to try and make them stand-out from the crowd.  Customer feedback suggests that there is a strong appetite for this refined aesthetic.   

Our goal is to become a highly respected and trusted brand and to do that we need to continue to provide great kit that people love to wear and that they see as providing superb value for money.  Related to this its pleasing to note that we have a miniscule returns rate (a tiny number due to specifics of fit) and we quickly started receiving repeat orders from our earliest customers, both these indicators of high customer satisfaction are extremely important to us.   At this point it is only right to give a big thanks to all our customers and indeed everyone that has taken an interest so far!

We hope that this provides just a flavour of what makes us tick and hopefully the next time you’re looking for some kit you’ll think of INVANI.  We genuinely hope that you will be very happy with any purchases!

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